PwC Mbombela

The design objective was to create an ‘office of the future,’ for the PwC Mbombela staff and clients alike.

Interior Design firm, Formist, wants to challenge the notion that the interior of an accounting firm has to be typically corporate and serious and make it a more creative inspirational and sustainable environment to work in.

Some of most important factors we were taking into consideration was sustainability, flexibility of movement, work function and access.

A concerted effort was made to move away from the old fashioned hierarchy created by the a large executive office and encourage partners to utilise the various open work spaces and meeting pods. A number of hot desking options were planned for the auditing teams who often work off site.

Colour palette

The colourful PwC logo was used as the inspiration for the choice of the colour palette. In order not to overpower the space a Scandinavian style colour palette with different pops of bright colour representing the PwC brand in various areas were brought in.

There is a lot of use of texture and the natural structural material of the building, such as the exposed concrete. As the building has wonderful view moments, the design does not attempt to compete with the statements made by the outside environment.  PwC has embraced new and innovative local design and much of the artwork will be commissioned from local South African artists. A number of pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs and screens have been custom designed for PwC.

The objective was to set an excellent example of an entire professional team committed to push the boundaries of design and functionality to create a forward thinking space for PwC’s clients and employees.

PwC Mombela is now situated in the new office park, Block 5, in Riverside, Mbombela which is a great new development by Block 5.  Feel free to visit their website for more information on the offices in progress.