PwC Ghana

The client’s design brief was to create an ‘office of the future’ that would emphasize the Ghanaian culture. It had to convey a message of being world-class, professional and efficient. The design intent was to utilize the figure of eight architectural design shape in creating comfortable open plan spaces, communal & collaborative areas and of the course maximizing the 360-degree views.

An “office of the future” has to attract & retain talent, promote a healthier work environment, create a modern, green and eco-friendly space inspiring individuals to become more environmentally conscious. It allows for a transparent & technologically agile work zone with the main focus always being the employee well-being.

Seating layouts optimized the space to allow for a dynamic design that could change according to client, functional and economic demands. This has proven to be an excellent choice when it came to Covid 19 considerations in 2020.

We wanted to maintain the natural light as far as possible, this was done by moving the offices to the core of the building and giving the light to the open plan areas where majority of the staff sit. To retain the fresh new feel of the building we went with Scandanavian-style colour palette with pops of bright colour representing the PwC brand.

Local creative minds were brought in with hand drawings, incredible world class paintings and intricate art pieces to present the culture and essence of Ghana. We keep challenging the notion that the interior of an accounting firm must be typically corporate and serious and instead create offices that is inspirational and an environment that employees and visitors alike choose to be in.