Lekker Water Beach Lodge

The intimate property sits isolated on a nearly four mile stretch of beach in the picturesque De Hoop Reserve, east of Cape Town, often referred to as the ‘jewel of the Western Cape’. From almost every vantage point the ocean dominates the landscape.

The interior design was done with the intention of having both the feeling of being part of the extensive panoramic views of the coastline and the unspoiled beach just below as well as offering private secluded areas for reflection, creativity and that “calm zone” we often need to recharge.

Indoors, the décor takes its cue from the natural beauty of the surrounding reserve. With a colour palette of blues and greens balanced by rich organic textures, the aesthetic in each suite is a subtle mirror of the scenic beauty beyond. Cool sea breezes take the edge off summer’s heat, while a wood-burning stove in each suite offers welcome warmth when dramatic winter storms roll in. (

The main dining area offers the perfect place to admire the sunset as well as to enjoy the family-style large communal table with fellow guests.  An interactive open kitchen was designed encouraging engagement with the Chef while floor to ceiling views from individually picked furniture pieces allows the Ocean View to take centre stage.

We engaged and partnered with many local artist, and bespoke furniture designers to create the perfect luxurious off-grid coastal escape and unforgettable land-based marine safari. The Lodge  ( offers an entirely unique coastal experience in the heart of South Africa’s scenic Western Cape